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Here is a blog dedicated to Men by design product that is specially designed to meet the nutritional requirements of men and the effect of honey on their health.

First, let's learn some benefits of honey:

1.Honey is used to improve athletic performance:

Numerous studies have shown that regular consumption of honey improves athletic performance and has a role in stimulating muscles, so it is now recommended instead of glucose when it comes to sports drinks.

Honey contains glucose and fructose, however, the percentage of fructose is higher as it is released into the blood more slowly than glucose and thus turns into a slow burning source that keeps the athlete active.

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 2. Increases testosterone:

Honey is rich in many vitamins and minerals, the most important of which is vitamin B. It is believed that this vitamin is of great importance in the production of the testosterone hormone. The more testosterone in a man’s body, the greater his sexual desire.

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3.Helps in losing weight:

Having honey with warm water on an empty stomach in the morning helps to increase metabolism, which in turn leads to faster weight loss. It was also found that honey has the ability to burn body fat even during sleep, thus improving the general health of the body and getting rid of unwanted fat.

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4.Boosts immunity:

Honey contains many medicinal properties that naturally treat sore throats and fight infections caused by viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

This is why honey is known as one of the best immune-boosting nutrients.

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5. Improve memory and concentration:

This eternal sweetener has innumerable health benefits as it not only increases brain power but also cares for your overall body health, promotes blood circulation and fights the cells that cause memory loss.


6.Used to heal burns and wounds:

Honey's antibacterial properties make it the best remedy for wound healing as it kills bacteria which can penetrate the wound.


7.Helps relieve gum disease:

We can treat diseases of the gums and teeth through the regular consumption of honey. Honey is known to release hydrogen peroxide, an antiseptic substance that acts as an antibacterial. It is recommended to use honey with warm water as a mouthwash or to apply honey directly to the gums to provide instant relief.


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Of course, we will obtain a product capable of increasing the feeling of happiness, well-being and immunity at the same time, in addition to its ability to meet the nutritional and sexual requirements of men.

The wellness and happiness product for men consists of three different spoons taken daily after each main meal:

  • Active Bee Spoon 

  • The Secret Spoon 

  • Happy Men Spoon 

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Let’s start with the Active Bee Spoon, which is capable, thanks to its unique combination of Sidr honey and a variety of herbs, to give your body the energy to carry out all your daily activities while you are fully active and energetic.

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The second spoon is called Al-Qazha, which is a mixture of black seed paste and Sider honey. Thanks to this formula, you can now enjoy a flat stomach free from digestive problems such as indigestion, constipation and bloating, in addition to its ability to get rid of unfavorable body fat, specifically in the abdominal area.

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The third spoon is called the happy man, as it works to increase the testosterone hormone, and thus increase his sexual desire and the hormone of happiness

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Do you want to prepare herbal honey at home in simple ways!! Follow the following method:

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1.Use dried herbs, as they are better than fresh ones, or you can dry them by using the oven or microwave

2.Place the dried herbs at the bottom of the jar and pour honey over it until it is full. Stir until the herbs are mixed with the honey, and then close it tightly. Don't forget to label the jar with the contents inside and add the date.

3.Leave the jar closed for at least five days. If the herbs float to the surface, turn the jar several times to make sure that the herbs are completely covered with honey.

4.If you want to consume the honey without the herbs, you can filter the honey and then put it in a clean jar in a completely dry place.