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Honey has always been a popular delicacy for its sweet taste that is desired in desserts or added to a favorite morning cup of herbal tea.

In addition to being an important medical treatment for thousands of years, honey is an important part of the ancient folk medicine system. It was used in the treatment of skin and eye diseases, and also as a bandage placed on wounds and burns.

Honey is a great alternative to white sugar, as it is sweet in taste and safe for consumption. Although honey contains simple sugars in its chemical composition, it is completely different from white sugar as it is able to regulate blood sugar levels.

Honey affects the body in different ways depending on how it is consumed. Let's learn about the benefits of honey in turn.
One of the most important uses of honey in traditional medicine is to raise energy. Honey contains different types of sugar molecules, especially glucose and fructose. However, unlike white sugar, these two sugars are separate, and thus glucose acts as an immediate source of energy.

Honey is good for blood health:
It was found that mixing honey with warm water has an effect on the number of red blood cells that are mainly responsible for carrying oxygen in the blood to different parts of the body, as it has the ability to raise hemoglobin, taking into account cases of anemia. Decreased oxygen-carrying capacity leads to fatigue, shortness of breath, sometimes depression, and other problems. Honey can negate these problems by building up the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood.

Honey is useful for supporting the functioning of the digestive system:
honey helps reduce constipation, bloating and gas, thanks to its being a mild laxative. It is also rich in probiotics such as bifido and lactobacilli, which aid in digestion, as well as its ability to support a healthy immune system.

Honey contains many vitamins and minerals in small quantities:
such as niacin, riboflavin, pentanoic acid, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc, so honey was considered a gift of nature to humanity, as it was seen as an important part of the diet.

While honey alone provides therapeutic properties, what if we mix honey with medicinal herbs whose purpose is therapeutic?

This is what we have been working on in our company Healthio, to obtain a product that is able to provide you with energy, support your wellness, and raise your happiness hormone, in addition to its ability to regulate female hormones.

The product contains three different types of honey mixture with medicinal herbs, each one separately designed for a therapeutic purpose.

We start with the first spoon called the active bee spoon:
Its name must have a share in raising the body’s energy, so it keeps you active throughout the day.

This spoon contains a balanced mixture of Sidr honey, which is rich in anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, with medicinal herbs that give you the dose of energy you need during your day.

As for the second spoon, which is called Al-Qazha:
it is a mixture of Nigella sativa paste with Sidr honey, which is able to support the work of the digestive system to combat all unwanted digestive disorders such as constipation, indigestion, gases and bloating. Also, Nigella sativa paste has the ability to burn body fat, especially in the abdominal area. So you get a flat stomach free of digestive problems.

Finally, the happy woman spoon :
helps regulate female hormones to be able to adapt to potential hormonal changes with age, and the herbs in it are able to raise the hormone of happiness.
Take the three tablespoons in a row after the main meals during the day.

For those interested in preparing a mixture of honey with herbs, here are the following tips:

In the absence of fresh herbs, dried herbs can be used, as the flowers or leaves of these herbs are soaked in honey, as they are preferred over the rest of the parts for the ease of extracting their benefits in honey.

The product needs a few days of soaking at low temperatures, and it is never recommended to heat the product in order to avoid losing the benefits of honey.

Many herbal honeys can be enjoyed on toast or pancakes, or used to sweeten your favorite cup of tea.